Living can be smart too...

 Here can you find basic info about project "Intelligent house", system which is able to get and process info about energy consumptions, clima in rooms and outside the house, cooling and heating equipment, solar panels and wind/water turbines (or whole power station)… Data are collected on house server, rented or own web server and can be processed and used by many ways.

 For modul interconnection (moduls are collecting the data and/or controlling the equipment) is used LAN (Ethernet or WIFI). Moduls are sending info about own inputs, that could be heared by any device in network (computer, smartphone, tablet…) and further used or just displayed.

 For basic overview over possibilities take a look on next pages presentation (grows slowly).

 System is modular, most parts are optional:

  1. Module HOUSE. It is positioned somwhere in house (attic, cellar, rack) and is collecting data like:
    • room clima (temperature and 2 humidities)
    • gas heater data - 4 media temperatures, output and mode (heating or hot water) and (optionaly) number of pump and burner starts
    • simple meteostation data (roof temperature, wind speed, blast and direction, rainfall)
    • dog-houses temperatures
    • in the same time can be switched on/off 2 outputs (direct or through timeswitch), used on example for power outlet (Christmas lighting)
  2. Module OUTSIDE. It is positioned outside on the fence and is collecting data like:
    • consumption and counter of gas, electricity and water
    • temperature, humidity and air pressure
    • again has 2 switches
  3. Home server SW, which collect data into database and is used like proxy server for secure outside data access (on example smartphone on cellular network)

  4. Tablet for data visualisation (wall in living room)

  5. LAN and/or WIFI for interconnect.

  6. This presentation and PHP/JS scripts on webserver, which gets every 30s information and regulary in 5 minute-interval is writing it into database. This time are data public, but could be privete/secured.

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